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Volunteer Onboarding Process

We are so pleased you have decided to pursue volunteer opportunities at one of our HCA hospitals! We look forward to working with you all and value the experience and knowledge you will bring with you. We are looking for the best volunteers around, however we do not consider short term volunteer request , court mandated, and/or community service hours only. We want our volunteers to enjoy their time in our campus and therefore require at least 100 hours per year of commitment.

  • Junior Volunteer application - applications are accepted for the summer hours only starting March 1st through May 1st. They will be processed and junior volunteers commit their time from June (end of regular school) to August (end of summer break). Junior volunteers can enjoy some of the same opportunities that our volunteer adults and also get a firsthand look at health care at its finest.
  • Adult Volunteer application - applications are accepted all throughout the year with a variety of hospital opportunities to volunteer. Currently we do not have any open spaces for the Cuddle program. However, open opportunities are found on our volunteer website. There you can interactively explore the campus location you are interested in volunteering as well as the kinds of opportunities there.
  • Our Volunteer website has job descriptions for each campus.

Our onboarding process for volunteering is as follows:

  1. Submit an application and a volunteer information/consumer form
  2. Complete 2 personal reference sheets
  3. Background check is submitted and a phone or in-person interview is conducted
  4. Once background check has returned, a form will be mailed and or emailed to have a TB screening test at one of our 3 campuses free of charge.
  5. TB screening will be cleared usually in 3 business days and a time will be designated to have an orientation. (We schedule hospital orientations 2 per month throughout the year). This is an eight (8) hour class that explains policy and procedures of the hospital, ethics and compliance, infection prevention, diversity, and your role as a volunteer. Junior orientation is 2 ½ hours with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  6. Badge and uniform will be issued.

Note: you may volunteer up to 30 days before having getting into an orientation class. This allows the volunteer process to not be hindered in any way as you are committing your time to our organization.

Expectations for Volunteers

  1. Show up for work on time of your designated shift and leave at the appropriate time.
  2. Please report properly dressed in your uniform with your hospital issued badge.
  3. Report any changes you wish to make to your schedule or days you volunteer to Coordinator. Do so in enough time to provide coverage for your area (unless, of course, an emergency).
  4. Achieve competence in your area by attending any refresher classes. Read material related to your department and keep your contact information up-to-date. Should you feel you need assistance, ask your coordinator for additional training.
  5. Pull your weight. It’s everyone’s patient and customer. Offer assistance.
    1. Participate by attending volunteer meetings (at least one) throughout the year.
    2. Participate in committees if asked.
    3. Share your knowledge by helping others.
    4. Know your Codes and keep your Code card with you at all times.
  6. Live the Care Values: “Above all else we are committed to the care of all human life.”
  7. Voice ideas and concerns quickly and directly to your coordinator, no talking behind each other’s back.
  8. Keep the honor and integrity of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital with the highest ethics and moral responsibility.
  9. Commit to at least 4 hours a week. (You can commit more time but never less).


Kim Wilkerson, Volunteer Coordinator
Henrico, Parham, and Retreat Doctors’ Hospital
1602 Skipwith Rd, Richmond, VA 23229